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Welcome to Timeshare-Guide, one of the best places to find out about Timeshare Sales, Purchases and Rentals.

In our site you will find usefull information about Exchange Companies and the most beneficial use of them, frequently asked questions and legal requirements, listings of timeshare for sale and rent with posibility to list your timeshare.

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Frequently asked questions about Timeshare Property: Purchase, Resale and Renting

Which price can I ask for?
First you must consider that a Timeshare is not bought for any economic benefit in a way that an investment in real estate would be ...
How quick can it be sold?
This depends on the price you ask for and from good luck. It is possible that a present owner in that very resort is looking to extend their stay ...
How can I transfer an ownership?
This depends on the type of ownership you have got. There are two main types ...

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