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  • Which price can I ask for?
  • How quick can it be sold?
  • How can I transfer an ownership?
  • Frequently asked questions about Timeshare Resale.

    Which price can I ask for?
    First you must consider that a Timeshare is not bought for any economic benefit in a way that an investment in real estate would be. It is not realistic to think that the value of your share should increase or be maintained with time. The benefit is in having luxurious holidays on a long-term basis, with superior accommodation and where the facilities are of the highest priority. It is of special benefit for families or people which enjoy travelling to exotic places where there can be important savings. The age, location, unit size, number of weeks, and type of facilities on your resort, naturally influence the demand, and therefore should be considered when fixing a resale price. The initial selling price of a resort varies considerably and the resale market is not clearly defined. An example of the resale value would be in the order of a 10% loss per year from the initial purchase price.

    How quick can it be sold?

    This depends on the price you ask for and from good luck. It is possible that a present owner in that very resort is looking to extend their stay. Another factor influencing the sale of your Time-share is the popularity of that particular country or resort, and the extent of which the tourism has developed.

    How can I transfer an ownership?
    This depends on the type of ownership you have got. There are two main types: Escritura system: Where the purchaser gets an escritura or title deeds and is registered in the land registry. This guaranties his or her rights of ownership as it would be for a normal purchase of property. To transfer this title you can ask the resort to give you the name of the local notary which is familiar with the resort and can prepare and execute the transfer of the Escritura deed. Club Trustee system: The weeks are maintained by the developer and supervised by a Trustee Company which issues a Membership Certificate which guaranties the Right of Use for a special week for a given number of weeks. To transfer this type of ownership you just complete the “Form of surrender and request of transfer” which can be found normally on the reverse side of your Membership Certificate. This is then sent with the corresponding transfer fee to the Trustee company and will be processed accordingly. In any case, it is essential to be updated with your maintenance payments, as otherwise the resort might legally repossess your weeks.

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